Book Cover Illustration by Marisa Erven

Book trailer for the fantasy novel UNITING THE HEAVENS by Emily English.

Animation by Will Robertson,

Cover art by Marisa Erven,

Music by The Story Unfolds - Jingle Punks

"This story is full of striking characters and layered with mythology, humor, and intrigue that will keep the pages turning late into the night." - Mark (Goodreads Review)


Uniting the Heavens is a blend of fantasy and mythology with a steampunk undertone. Victorian-era settings are intermingled with a polytheistic culture, where gods and magic clash, and the fate of the world relies upon the fragile peace between Light and Night.



About the Book

When a bloodied, secret message destined for a powerful Lord ends up in the hands of Aren, a young librarian, his life starts to unravel...

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 Emily English once pillaged her friends' house. (Photo by  Alician Bratton )

Emily English once pillaged her friends' house. (Photo by Alician Bratton)

About the Author

Emily Peraro English is short and has no fashion sense. Her kitchen adventures have resulted in trips to the Emergency Room.

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