7 Awesome things about AwesomeCon 2019


Unfortunately Matt Smith had to cancel his trip to DC—the Timelord was needed elsewhere in the universe. But fear not, there are still tons of things to do and see that will satisfy your inner nerd!


1. Artist Alley


There are so many cool artists, publishers, and writers—including Emily English! With art and books and merch ranging from Fantasy, Horror, Anime—and of course Superheroes—you’re bound to find something to satisfy your inner fangirl/fanboy.


2. Batman 80th Anniversary Exhibit

Bat Suits.jpg

Speaking of Superheroes… the Batman 80th Anniversary Exhibit is a must see for any fan of the Dark Knight. The display includes bat suits from Keaton to Bale, cat suits, Batarangs, mask, and even Arnold's Mr. Freeze suit.

Mr. Freeze.jpg

“Let’s Kick some Ice!”


3. Celebrities

Even with the aforementioned 11th Doctor off fighting Daleks, there are plenty of celebrities to gawk, meet, or hear speak. There’s something for everyone, such as Ralph Macchio, Wil Wheaton, Weird Al, and the always colorful John Barrowman to name a few.

4. Games


Be sure to bring the kids and check out AwesomeCon Jr. There are tons of fun activities including a console video game area with old school games.

Escape Room.jpg

If your family, group, or #squad would like to work together instead of battling it out in heated competition, check out the mobile Escape Room.

5. Makers Market

Makers Market.jpg

Tons of handcrafted products are available on a small scale in the AwesomeCon Makers Market. With everything from Captain America shield pillows, to Soot Sprite plush toys, the AwesomeCon Makers Market will provide you with truly unique crafts.


6. Noms and Bevs

fudge bar.jpg

A long day spent geeking out can work up a good appetite. While the run-of-the-mill convention food fare is available—fries, burgers, $5 bottles of water— AwesomeCon has included a few new food and beverage vendors to provide sustenance. Fudge Bar. Need I say more?


No seriously do I?


Ok. Fine. In addition to fudge, Atlas Brewing has a table giving out free samples of their locally brewed beer.

If alcohol isn’t your bag, there’s a fantastic soda experience: Wild Bill’s Olde Fashioned Soda. Fill up your mug and stay hydrated, caffeinated, and sugar-rushed all the live long day. That way you’ll have no problem making it to all the jam packed panels, shows, contest, and activities this convention has to offer.

Wild Bills Soda.jpg

7. Cosplay

There is nothing better than people watching at a Con. So many creative fans who want to take their passion for their favorite characters to a new level are roaming around the convention floor. You’ll delight in main stream Star Wars characters , obscure anime characters, and the usual plethora of Superheroes.

Star Wars.jpg
No Face.jpg

That’s the list of 7 things at Awesome Con from Day 1, and we’re looking forward to new awesome things on Day 2 and 3. What awesome things do you love about Awesome Con? Let us know in the comments below or come visit English Scribbles at table P-08 in Artist Alley to say hi and share your thoughts!