Private Tasting Dinner at Clarity

Mark makes for a very handsome dinner date and looks quite at home in Clarity’s kitchen-view cellar.

Mark makes for a very handsome dinner date and looks quite at home in Clarity’s kitchen-view cellar.

Mark and I had the pleasure and privilege of attending a special progression tasting dinner hosted by Chef Jon Krinn at Clarity. This Michelin style event was held in Clarity’s private, kitchen-view cellar and accommodated a party of 5, a party of 4, and a cozy table for two where Mark and I sat.

Jon Krinn is an amazing chef who clearly enjoyed the event as much as we did, serving the dishes and discussing each one in mouth-watering detail. He talked about how much fun he had creating the tasting dinner. (As a side note, Jon has gorgeous handwriting—I asked him to sign our menu—and he said he used to do a lot of art and will actually still sketch out what a dish will look like.)

Each of the six courses were unique and delicious, and none of them had ever made an appearance in any of Clarity’s previous menus (which change from day to day). The farm where the venison was procured only sells to 10 clients worldwide. The spanish red mullet bottarga was new to us, and Chef explained how it had been preserved in beeswax. He even brought a massive chunk for us to examine. The beeswax was shaped like an elongated bell pepper, and inside was the bottarga being perfectly and naturally preserved.

Our favorite course was the Japanese Bluefin Tuna Toro. This savory/umami dish was out of this world, and the buttery tuna toro just melted in your mouth. My tastebuds are dancing just thinking about it.

We love Clarity because Chef Jon is so passionate and creative about food, but he also always makes us feel at home. He’s a down to earth chef who will take the time to talk to his customers to make sure they are happy or to catch up with regulars. He was actually the chef for our wedding reception in 2007 at another restaurant, and when we were reminiscing with him last night, he said “we’re family.” You can tell that sharing food is such a meaningful thing for him and that it truly connects him with people who appreciate his art.

Mark and I could not have picked a better or more amazing way to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the publishing of Uniting the Heavens and the success we had at Faerie Con last weekend. When we walk into Clarity, and Victor, our favorite bartender and keeper of the Clarity Spirit Library, opens his arms and says “welcome home,” we know we’re truly in for something special.

Not pictured were the scrumptious hors d’oevres: Pennsylvania Pipe Dreams Goat Cheese Fritters and Grilled Alaskan Bering Sea Octopus. (For the record, Chef was kind enough not to serve octopus to me as I am unable to partake in the eating of my spirit animal. Mark said my spirit animal was delicious.)