Book Review: The Corgi Chronicles

The Corgi Chronicles by Laura Madsen is a charming children’s chapter book which tells the story of Pippin, a Corgi who lives somewhere in or around Montana (I think…). Pippin leads a double life: part time domesticated, tv-watching doggo and part time fairy steed.

When we aren’t looking, our dog Pippa is reading the adventures of Pippin.

When we aren’t looking, our dog Pippa is reading the adventures of Pippin.

That’s right. The fluffy-butt Corgi make perfect transportation for fairies. According to Welsh mythology, the Corgwyn have been used by the Fay to pull coaches or serve as steeds because of their perfect size. If you look closely, you might even be able to see the saddle marks on their backs. As you might guess, this absolutely tickles me. (We have a Dorgi—a Corgi/Dachshund mix, and we always wondered at the strange “X” marking on her back. Obviously, she’s got magic in her somewhere.)

Anyway, back to Pippin’s story. One day, he’s telepathically summoned by his fairy mistress Aliiana, an earth fairy who knows her way around rocks. Aliiana is in need of Pippin’s help because they have been summoned by the Elven Prince. It turns out the Ruseol Gem, the source of all good magic on earth, has been stolen! If anything were to happen to the gem, all magical creatures—fairies, trolls, sprites, dwarves, elves, dryads—would cease to exist!

The story then follows Pippin’s adventure from a first-Corgi point of view as he and Aliiana join forces with elves, dwarves, and other magical creatures as they hunt down the missing gem in order to save their kind. It’s a super easy read and cute as can be.


I gave this book 5 stars on Goodreads because my 9-year old daughter loved it to pieces. My 5 star rating is a result of the shared reading experience with my daughter—the discussions and laughs we had are priceless. I would definitely recommend it for younger children who are ready to read chapter books. There’s nothing scary in it, but they get the adventure and fantasy fix.

If you’re an adult who just loves Corgwyn and fantasy, this is a cute, quick read.

Here’s my rating system:

  • 5 stars: I love this book so much that I must own a physical copy of it. I’m definitely going to recommend it to people.

  • 4 stars: This was a great book. I love it, but I don’t need to own a physical copy. I’ll definitely recommend it to people.

  • 3 stars: This is a really good book. I was entertained.

  • 2 stars: This book was fine. I don’t hate it or anything. It was fine.

  • 1 star: This book wasn’t for me. It might be for someone else, though. There are probably a lot of reasons why it isn’t for me. I’m not hating, though.

  • 0 stars: I’ve read it, or maybe I didn’t finish it. I didn’t enjoy it.

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