2018: More Writing, More Aren

January 2018 is almost over, and I'm just getting around to blogging again. I got this brand new website last summer, yet I haven't blogged since last April. How embarrassing. So I'm determined to fix that! Goal 1: Blog more often! I have a lot of things planned for 2018 that I'm excited to share with all of you! Here we go!

Yes, there is a Book 2 in the works!

I'm so excited that the exclamation point on my keyboard is worn out. The follow-up to Uniting the Heavens has a working title, and I'm announcing it here first! It's called Trick of Light, and it follows Aren's escapades as he tries to find out who orchestrated the mage attack on Tiede. In book 2, Aren is sent to the peaceful House of Rose nestled in the rolling green midlands where he gets an opportunity to see what life is like outside of Tiede—and it's not all roses. (See what I did there? HAHA!!!)

Trick of Light also follows Selina's adventures to the Priestess stronghold of Syrn where she hopes to learn about her strange powers and establish a deeper connection with the Water goddess Kaila in order to protect Aren and keep her home safe. There's so much more to Selina than meets the eye, and so many secrets that have yet to be unraveled about the strange little girl.

I promise I'm hiring an awesome cover artist and designer again ( Marisa Erven and Terri Edillon  if they are willing!) Please don't judge book 2 by my sad graphic here.

I promise I'm hiring an awesome cover artist and designer again (Marisa Erven and Terri Edillon if they are willing!) Please don't judge book 2 by my sad graphic here.

Come out and meet me!

I'm going to conventions this year! I was going to wait until Book 2 was published, but my brother already had a spot reserved to sell his graphic novels (Bartez, if you're interested), and he asked if I wanted to join him. He's done dozens of conventions, so I figured why the heck not. I'd love it if you came out say hi! I don't have the booth details yet, but here's where you can find me:

  1. Awesomecon in Washington, DC — March 30 - April 1. You should totally go for the guest list alone (Stephen Amell and John Barrowman just to name a few), but then stop by to say hi to me so I can fangirl with you! It'll be so great!
  2. Virginia Comicon in Fairfax, VA — June 9 - 10. Rob Liefeld, the creator of Deadpool, will be there. We can geek out over that as well as the comics abundanza and marvel (see what I did there?) over the cosplayers! Yes! Let's do it!

I plan to have signed and numbered copies of Uniting the Heavens available as well as bookmarks and posters. We'll have such a good time!

Speaking of signed and numbered books...

My friend sent me a text this evening to let me know that one of my books is being sold by a third party on Amazon. It's a used copy in good condition going for $45! HAHAHAHAHA! Stars! That's amazing! 

Personally, I hope they get $50 for this book. My ego totally needs it.

Personally, I hope they get $50 for this book. My ego totally needs it.

So just a heads up, I have fewer than 100 copies of this signed and numbered first print run. Once it's gone...I'm going to print more. HAHAHA! BUT the subsequent prints will not be numbered. Get yours while they are still available!

More blogging about Uniting the Heavens

My wonderful readers have questions about Aren and Uniting the Heavens, and I have been horrible at answering them, so I will definitely be dedicating more blog entries to discuss the book. Here's what I've been drafting up based on your feedback:

  1. Priestesses. Some of you are really interested in how the Priestess system works, what their vestments look like, and what their markings look like. In the case of one reader, she wants to know "what is up their butt" when it comes to Aren? What did he ever do to them? All valid. I'm also considering sharing a short story about Kaila's sash (related to the Priestesses). It's referenced in UtH. There's a huge scene about it that got cut, but I'm thinking of publishing it here for you guys!
  2. Gods and spirits. Someone pointed out that the Elemental Knights have been referred to as spirits and asked what was up with that? So, I've drafted up some information to share on Tanghi, Sabana, Geir, and Kaila I might share.
  3. Pronunciation. "Aren" is pronounced like "Aaron." "Tiede" can be pronounced like "tide," but in the Old Tiede and Ancient languages, it's pronounced "TAYd." I'm planning to write something up and put it up on the site as a reference.

Up Next...

  1. I'm planning to do a Valentine's Day giveaway on Amazon in February. This will be announced on Facebook and Instagram so follow me to find out when!
  2. There will be a bigger giveaway in March to celebrate my birthday because...gifts! And cake!
  3. Maybe some short stories that may or may not be related to Aren's world?
  4. Let's talk about reading! I'll blog more about what I'm reading instead of just showing you on Instagram.

Is there anything you want to read more about? Let me know! I'm listening!