"Can My Kid Read This Book?"


One of the questions I get asked quite often about Uniting the Heavens is “can my kid read this book?” This is great because it means a lot of families read the same book. It encourages discussion and creates a shared experience. I’ve had people buy my book and tell me they’re going to read it, then pass it on to their middle-school child to read next. I’ve had people buy multiple copies because waiting is tough! (I can’t say that I blame them since UtH is 342 pages. That can equate to quite the wait if you’re passing it around.) One of my friends read it and passed it on to her husband. When he’s done, they’ll pass it on to their kid to read. It’s all pretty awesome.
To answer the question: it’s up to you whether your kid reads my book. I don’t tell parents what their children should and shouldn’t read because I don’t know their child’s reading level or maturity level. Your 12-year old might be more mature than most 22-year olds. I still snicker at fart jokes, so there’s that. Your 12-year old would probably roll her eyes at me.

Has your child watched Deadpool? Game of Thrones? If so, you have nothing to worry about. In UtH there’s a bad word here and there. Somebody might get kissed. Somebody might get hurt. Somebody might die. You just never know. The majority of the characters in UtH are adults, so their motivations and actions are those of adults (regardless of how naïve Aren comes across). That’s just something to keep in mind with any book. When I write, I don’t write for a specific audience. I’m just telling a story. The characters will be true to themselves.

Happy reading!